Zoho Projects- An Invaluable Project Management Tool


Zoho projects integration is a valuable project management tool that can help you manage your business better. Zoho has many features, making it an excellent solution for any small to the medium-sized team. Zoho Projects provides integration with Zoho CRM, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Docs so that teams can communicate more efficiently through email or another means of communication while collaborating on the same document at the same time.

1) What are the benefits of this?

Zoho provides Zoho CRM integration so that you can track your team’s work. Zoho Sheet allows for data entry and tracking of hours, expenses, mileage, invoices, etc. At the same time, Zoho Docs offers the same features as Google docs but with offline access.

2) What are some other benefits?

With this tool in place, there is no longer a need to keep two different files open when communicating across teams using email or Zendesk; instead, all documents will be accessible through Zoho projects. Moreover, both managers and employees can receive automatic notifications when changes have been made to any document they may be working on.
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