Your Home CCTV Systems


When looking for home CCTV systems for protection, check for the following:

Wording in contracts: Is there a term for canceling the contract? If so, how much notice would you have to give? Most home CCTV systems will require a notice of 30 days. This prevents them from keeping your money if you change your mind or it doesn’t work out for you.

Return policy: Will they offer a refund within a certain time frame? If not, why not? What hoops do you have to jump through to get one? Are there restocking fees involved with getting the refund? Most likely, there are no qualifiers for this; it depends on whether or not the company wants to offer one. They may decide that since they’ve already been paid by their supplier, they’re going to keep it. You may have to go through quality assurance or schedule a time for them to come back and pick the system up.

Equipment: What is included in your purchase? Does it come with anything you don’t want, such as an installation fee? Most companies will charge for installation nowadays since they are just buying all their equipment from one supplier that can give each of its clients bulk prices since they are buying so many at once. If there are extra fees, what are they?