Why Businesses Use a Matrix Barcode?


Businesses now use different types of barcode systems to keep track of their products, packages and other physical items. Matrix barcoding has become popular for storing this type of data. It can be used to encode up to 3116 characters using 256 ASCII characters. This high density barcode system offers lots of data density compared to some other barcode solutions like PDF417. A matrix barcode is called a barcode even when there are no bars in it. The two-dimensional black and white pattern is made of dots, squares, rectangles, hexagons and many other geometric patterns.

This coding method can be used to encode both text and numeric data. The data size can range from a few to 1556 bytes. Businesses that need to store lots of product data in a small space use this coding option. It first requires using a barcode generator program. Special optical scanners are used to read, process and show this barcode information.