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What You Need To Know About Occupational Health Screenings


The occupational health screening pre employment is a preventive measure to ensure that your employees are healthy and productive. It’s important for both you and your employees. You can be liable if an employee injures themselves or others on the job because of an occupational illness they were unaware they had. Still, many people don’t know what occupational health screenings entail.

There are occupational health screenings for many common issues, including diabetes and heart disease. It is usually performed by a medical professional who will ask about your employee’s lifestyle habits to determine if they have any of the conditions above or others that may prevent them from working safely.

1) It can help avoid losing employees due to occupational illness or injury
2) It helps ensure that you comply with OSHA regulations and other relevant legislation
3) It can also save money on insurance, as many employers find themselves paying more for insurance because of high-risk occupations or pre-existing conditions

This occupational health screening is also a good opportunity to learn more about the employees you hope to hire. It can be an ideal time for them to ask questions and provide information to help with your decision to hire them.