Contact Lenses

What You Need To Know About Air Optix Contact Lenses


Air Optix contact lenses are prescription-only eyewear that is used to correct vision. They were initially created by Air Optix inc, making the Air Optix brand since 1995. There are three main points that you need to know about Air Optix contact lenses before deciding whether or not they’re suitable for you:

1) These lenses come in two different prescriptions; multifocal and toric contact lenses are for those with presbyopia or astigmatism.

– Toric contacts correct vision by correcting the eye’s refraction errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism

– Multifocal contacts are designed to compensate for age-related problems

2) They have some of the lowest prices on their contacts among significant brands like Acuvue and Biomedics

3) Air Optx is one of the few brands that offer both gas permeable (GP) and silicone hydrogel (SHG).

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