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What to Look For In a Next to Me Crib?


There are many factors to look for in a next to me crib, and most of them will be up to personal preference.

1. What type of frame – Next To Me Cribs come with frame options that include 3/4″ or 1″, depending on which model they are purchased from, hardwood (oak) wood or Pine Wood, and metal frame vs. PVC plastic tube frame models.

2. Mattress – Mattress options for either a standard non-allergenic foam crib or a breathable natural Organic mattress.

3. Must be Certified – Any next to me crib must be certified by the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) and ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials). And they must meet the CPSC safety standards and their own company added safety features and additional testing requirements.

4. Next To Me vs. Sidecar — When comparing next to me vs. sidecar, we suggest choosing a next to me model due to ease of access and your baby’s comfort during sleep time, as it provides more space on both sides of the baby for comfort.