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What Is An Information Security Analyst


One of the most important information security jobs is an information security analyst. To start with, these professionals provide information assurance services to their clients by reducing risk and preventing problems before they happen. This includes developing new policies and procedures for protecting data assets, designing network architecture, performing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, implementing countermeasures such as firewalls or encryption systems.

-Duties: Other duties include managing administrative issues like evaluating system performance; designing information security policies; monitoring access to information by employees, contractors, and the public, training personnel on information security matters.

-Requirements: You need to know data management practices for compliance with legal requirements such as HIPAA or PCI DSS standards. You need a bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science from a four-year college or university

The information security analyst monitors networks for any unauthorized access attempts. Information Security Analysts are responsible for assessing risk and recommending actions that can mitigate that risk.