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What Every Guy Must Know about Sexting


Declaring your sexual urges out of the blue isn’t the best way to start sexting a girl because it may catch her off guard. Instead of attempting to start sexting out of nowhere, it’s preferable to establish a relaxed, authentic sexual tone that will make sexting occur spontaneously. When you learn how to sext, you’ll not struggle with this approach.

Misinterpretation is a great way to lead the conversation in a sexual direction without being too obnoxious. Interpret her words in a way that makes it seem like she’s attempting to seduce you. She’s the one who’s making sexual advances while you’re just having a pleasant talk. This adds sexual tension to the discussion while keeping it lighthearted and humorous. This lays the groundwork for building sexual tension to the point where sexting is unavoidable—then you have hot sexting staring you in the face.

If a girl asks if you want to meet for a drink, for example, you might taunt her about how she’s attempting to get you intoxicated so she can take advantage of you. That kind of frivolity goes a long way toward establishing a rapport that allows her to express herself sexually freely.

Some of these skills happen only when you have learned the rudiments—of how to sext the right way. When you do the needful, hot sexting comes with ease, and you can walk your way into her heart without much resistance.