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Wall Art Design For Home Decor


If you are looking for Wall Art Design for your room, here are a few things to check:

1. Artwork should be appropriate in the space it fits into; like if it’s a big hall or room- make sure the artwork is in proportion to the space (try choosing artwork where parts of it can disappear).

2. If your walls have moldings/architraves, choose something which goes well underneath it. If there is no molding/architraves- choose something equally stylish and artistic which supports the rest of the design in that room.

3. Try to avoid artwork which clashes with anything else that is already there in your walls/decoration because it will be a complete mess for you if you have other plans for your interior decoration.

4. If you really want a big piece of artwork but don’t have a huge wall space to spare, try using a triptych or create a collage by combining three or more smaller pieces into one bigger wall art piece. This way, you can get an interesting look without taking much space on your floor/walls/ceiling, etc.