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Vegan, Paleo Bread: 3 Practical Recipes


Are you vegan and want to enjoy bread? Or do you follow the Paleo diet but miss your favorite sandwich? This article will teach you how to make vegan paleo bread. 3 recipes are gluten-free and dairy-free. You can also make them nut-free if needed. These recipes are perfect for your vegan or Paleo lifestyle!

The first one is vegan, paleo bread made with coconut. This recipe is also nut-free and gluten-free. You can use either almond or flax meal for this one, making it easy to customize based on what you have at home! This vegan paleo bread has a sweet flavor thanks to the maple syrup that replaces sugar in this case.

Recipe number two is vegan paleo bread made with almond flour.

The last vegan, paleo bread recipe uses eggs and coconut milk to make this fluffy loaf of deliciousness. This one tastes the most like traditional sandwich bread! It’s great for sandwiches or toast in the morning. The best part? All three recipes are easy to make and vegan and paleo!

In conclusion, vegan paleo bread is easy to make and vegan or paleo. Three recipes are included that work well for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just about any other time of day!