Top Site Feedback Tool Options


There are several benefits to using a site feedback tool. These tools allow you to measure the effectiveness of FAQs, forums, and user-generated content and open the lines of communication with customers. They also act as a constant invitation to comment or share your thoughts. Using website feedback tool options is important to keep your customers engaged and happy.


Feefo is an invite-only site feedback tool that ensures that all reviews and insights are real. It also has comprehensive support and a knowledge base, which helps you answer questions about its products and services. When displaying feedback on your site, you can choose whether or not to display bad reviews. The only reviews Feefo doesn’t display are fakes or irrelevant. Feefo will remove them if they’re found to be false or inaccurate.

The cost of Feefo varies depending on the package that you’d choose. You can choose from three different plans, each with different features. The free Basic Plan is great for new businesses, allowing you to invite 100 customers to leave a review. It also includes a TrustBox widget on your site, social media review sharing, analytics, and customer support. The basic plan is also the best option for startups.


While most website feedback tools are free, ReeVoo is a premium tool that costs an additional fee. It allows you to collect detailed feedback about your products and services, including reviews and ratings. These reviews can improve the overall customer experience and increase your purchase rate. In addition to collecting reviews, ReeVoo can also tap into real-time conversations, such as those held in Q & A forums. It also tracks social media mentions and product ratings. Lastly, ReeVoo also features a ‘do-it-yourself’ option so that customers can leave comments and ask questions directly to you.


If you’re looking for a site feedback tool that’s user-friendly and powerful, look no further than Helio. This browser-based feedback tool specializes in visual feedback, such as video and images. You can also share links with others and add annotations to your uploads. However, it works best on static images. Helio is best known as a survey platform but provides qualitative and quantitative feedback. It also offers a consumer ranking feature.

Saber Feedback

There are many different website feedback tools out there. Saber Feedback is one of them. It allows users to report errors, questions, and concerns. The tool also lets users annotate feedback reports with screenshots. Saber also integrates with popular project management tools. Your issue reports will automatically be converted into issues, tasks, and stories. Another great site feedback tool is community feedback tools, which enable you to manage large amounts of social media. They also help you make sense of crowd-generated feedback.