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Top 3 Vitamins For Hair: Which Ones Should You Take?


We all know that the Best Vitamins for Hair are essential to maintaining healthy hair. But which Best Vitamins should you take? Read on for an overview of the top 3 Best Vitamins for Hair!

1) Vitamin A: This vitamin is important in the production of sebum, natural oil that moisturizes your scalp and prevents dryness. Deficiency may cause dandruff or other skin problems.

2) Vitamin B-12: This vitamin helps produce keratin proteins in hair follicles, strengthening them against breakage and chemical damage. It also helps keep red blood cells healthy so they can transport oxygen to the rest of your body, including your scalp and hair follicles.

3) Vitamin C: Vitamin C is necessary for collagen synthesis, which helps keep your hair healthy and strong. It also prevents graying by preventing oxidative damage to pigments in our hair follicles.

Best Vitamins for Hair can be found in many common foods, but if you’re looking to take a supplement instead, check out these Best Vitamin Brands.