Three Key Elements Of Power BI Administration


Power BI is a powerful tool that can be used to analyze your data. Power BI administration is the process of managing Power BI users, content, and security settings. There are three key elements of Power BI Administration:

1) Users – PowerBI Administrators have full control over all users in the organization, including viewing user permissions for each role available in PowerBI Desktop.

2) Content – PowerBI Administrators must monitor who has access to what content using Security Roles (e.g., Standard User only has read-only access to reports; PowerUser or Admin can edit reports). The administrator also manages content by creating folders for storing related items together.

3) Security Settings – PowerBI Administrators should ensure PowerBI security is set up correctly by monitoring the Power BI Desktop file locations and enabling Multi-Factor Authentication.

Power BI administrators should familiarize themselves with PowerBI security features to ensure Power BI users view only the content they are allowed access to.