The quick and easy way to purchase Synology camera license packs


In order to create an all-encompassing surveillance network to make sure your home or business is safe requires a complex network of IP cameras, software and storage. Synology is the number one solution covering each step in the chain. With a high-quality NAS server for external storage as well as innovative software supporting nearly every IP camera brand, Synology remains the market leader in high-standard surveillance systems. However, in order to expand your surveillance network with extra IP cameras, Synology camera licenses are needed to connect them to the existing system. Through authorized resellers, these Synology camera license packs are easily obtained.

How to buy your Synology camera license?

Purchasing a Synology camera license can be done in just a few steps. However, before buying your license keys, make sure to check how many IP cameras your NAS server supports. Additional storage may be required when you want to scale up your surveillance network. When you have determined the required number of license packs, find an authorized reseller and select your required number. Generally, Synology camera licenses are issued in packs of 1, 4 or 8. The Surveillance Station network video recording software has a default of two licenses and can thus be expanded with your required packs.

Because the Synology Surveillance Station software is compatible with nearly every IP camera, a camera license is in fact the payment for this service. Because of the wide range of differences in compatibility, Synology is required to find new ways of connectivity for each new Ip camera entering the market. This is why licenses are paid services and need to be purchased with every new IP camera.

Instant delivery of our Synology camera license

Innocam, one of the authorized resellers, has fully automated the process of issuing Synology camera license packs. Upon receiving your payment for either the 1 pack, 4 pack or 8 pack, you receive your license pack in your inbox. This means you can purchase Synology license packs 24/7 and expand your surveillance network within minutes.

A detailed and step by step plan of installment of your newly purchased camera license can be found on the website of Innocam. In just a few steps your IP camera is connected to the existing Surveillance Station and fully up and running.

Your trusted reseller in Synology camera license packs

For the purchase of Synology camera licenses, select an authorized reseller from the list provided on Synology’s website. This guarantees a safe and secure transfer of license packs and allows you to get started immediately. Moreover, make sure to check how many licenses your IP camera needs. Some brands require more than one license to be connected to your existing Surveillance System. This was, you can get started whenever you want.

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