The Product Development Process: Introduction To Agile


Product Development Agile is an approach to product development that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and working productively. It is built around the idea of changing courses based on feedback from users or other stakeholders.

Agile product management has at its core the product owner who typically does not have full-time responsibility for delivering software but rather manages the process of prioritizing what features are most valuable to customers and managing trade-offs among these features against time, cost, resources required.

People who work in this environment also know how to prioritize their work and adjust to changing priorities. They are product-focused. They understand that product development is a dynamic process with changes happening all the time.

Product development is a complex process. It involves many different phases and steps that need to be taken to bring product ideas to fruition. However, product development can also be much less complicated than it seems when you use an agile product development methodology.