The Clothing Fabric you need


The neoprene fabric is the absolute favorite for many pups and their handlers. The neoprene feels like rubber against the skin and fits snugly. The spongy feel carries a fragrance and appeals to many people. This way, even when curled up on your pup matt, you can relive your time with the master.

Neoprene is perfect because it’s more durable than rubber while still having that excellent wet, warm feel. It’s also a lot easier to get in and out. There’s no need for lube to get into this gear; all you need is a dousing of your master’s piss, and you’ll be in your suite in no time.

Although a neoprene surf suit can be found virtually anywhere, one of the handcrafted suits from respected stores is worth considering because of the precision placement of zips that allows easy access to the pup’s cock and ass. The zips will also enable you to wear a tail, making for a lot of wagging fun.