The 3 Types Of Historical Fiction


Historical fiction is a genre of literature that tells stories set in the past. Historical fiction can be broken down into three different types, each one with its own unique qualities. This article will go over each of those.

Historical Romance

This type is one of the most popular types out there. Romance is a crucial part of this type, as it takes place in the past and has an element of love or lust to its storyline. Some subcategories are Medieval Historical Romance, Victorian Historical Romance, Ancient Historical Romance.

Historical Adventure

This type can tell stories that involve action/adventure-based plots set during certain time periods throughout history. This usually involves people trying to solve mysteries or fight off bad guys; for example, stories like Robin Hood would be considered one because he was fighting against Prince John’s tyranny (and stealing from the rich).

Historical Drama

Another type is the type that tells stories of everyday life; this includes Historical Drama. This can be set at any time in history, but it isn’t based on action or fighting like Historical Action/Adventure. Even though they may not include battles and fight scenes, the characters still make tough decisions that cause conflict within themselves (and others).

To conclude, Historical Fiction is based on historical events that have happened in the past. Three types include historical drama, adventure, and romance.