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Sump Pump Power Failure: What You Need To Know


It is no secret that sump pump power failure is a significant problem for any home. When the sump pump fails, water can enter your basement and cause severe damage to anything it touches. This article will provide you with tips on reducing the risk of sump pump power failure and what to do if it happens.

Tips to reduce the power failure

It would help if you never relied on sump pump power failure alarms for your sump pump. The alarm may fail to go off, or it might malfunction and not alert you when the sump pump fails. This is why sump pumps are usually equipped with a backup battery that can keep them running if there is an outage to prevent a failure. It’s essential to ensure this battery has been tested regularly, so it doesn’t fail too!
It’s also a good idea not to use extension cords or surge protectors around your sump pit since they might cause electrical issues due to moisture damage to the plug end of the cord, which can lead straight to the sump pump water discharge blockages as a consequence.

You can consult an expert in the area for more information.