Starting A Channeling Session: 3 Things To Know


Channeling sessions are a great way to communicate with your spirit guides, but before you can enjoy the benefits of these sessions, you need to know how they work. Channeling is an ancient technique that was used for centuries by shamans, soothsayers, and mystics. Channelers can enter into an altered state of consciousness to connect with the spirits who have passed over. The three things that you should know before starting a channeling session are:

What Channelers do

A channeler is a person who is able to connect with spirits. Channeling sessions can be a great way to get guidance from spirit guides, angels, and deceased loved ones.

What Channelers need

Before you start a channeling session, you must have everything ready for the session. You should ensure that there are no distractions or interruptions during the process, as this will affect how well your connection works. Also, remember to create an atmosphere of love and peace, as this too will help strengthen your connections with other realms.

How Channelings work

Channelings use energy to communicate messages between people on Earth and those who exist outside of our realm (on higher planes). When we talk about things like ” or ‘energies,” these are the forces that Channelers use to receive messages from those who exist on higher planes.

To conclude, Channeling Sessions are a form of spiritual work that can be both helpful and informative. Channelers should never forget to create an atmosphere of love, peace, and openness when they perform Channeling Sessions, as this will help strengthen the connection with those who exist on higher planes.