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Severe Concussion Symptoms: 3 Main Points


A severe concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can have severe consequences. There are three main points to know about severe concussion symptoms, which we will discuss in this article:

1) The severity of the symptoms – Concussion symptoms can be mild or severe depending on the nature and extent of the head trauma. Milder cases may not require medical attention, but more severe ones should be addressed by a doctor. Severe concussions often produce nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, and sleep disorders.

2) The time it takes for recovery – Recovery from a concussion is usually gradual and incomplete, with some people requiring up to 18 months before they fully recover what was lost during their injury. It’s important to note that even severe concussions can take a long time to heal and require extensive therapy.

3) What you can do to help your recovery – There is no definite treatment for severe concussion symptoms, but there are things that people with severe concussions and their families can do to support the healing process. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat properly and rest as much as possible.

Severe head trauma is relatively rare, so it’s important to gather more information on severe concussion symptoms. This article should help answer some questions about severe concussions and what you can do to help the healing process.