Seafood Creations By Chef Josh Niland


Can you imagine yourself eating an expensive dinner that consists of fish eyeballs or sperm sacs? The average person probably can’t stomach the idea. But would you change your mind If this meal was prepared by a world-renowned chef?

What if it was Chef Josh Niland? Although his cooking style might seem somewhat quirky, controversial or downright gross, this Australian chef from down under has a way of making seafood taste like a million dollars. He is known for taking fish straps that most would throw out and turn into a magical delight for the palate.

Amazingly, once you taste his perfectly cooked seafood dishes, you won’t even realize that many of those parts are deemed inedible by most dining standards. Josh Niland’s talent is being able to create spectacular gourmet dishes from seafood parts that are not deemed appetizing by the average person.