Save Wizard For Free: How It Works


Save Wizard for Free is the ultimate savings app! (SWFF) helps you find discounts on items in your local area. The app also allows you to make quick purchases, and it has a built-in barcode scanner. If you haven’t downloaded SWFF yet, then download it today by clicking here!

1) What are its benefits?

It is a free product. It helps you to save money! It has different deals that change daily, and it also offers support in several languages. (SWFF) allows you to add coupons from your favorite stores into their database so that when you’re shopping online or offline, the app can find any available discounts on your behalf.

2) How does it work?

SWFF pops up with all available coupons related to that specific store. You can scan them or click on them to see where else you could use this coupon and if there is an expiration date! If not, it lets you know how much money you will be receiving from your purchase! It’s effortless to use! And it keeps track of all the discounts in one place so that they’re readily available at any time via notifications too.
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