Photography Services

“San Diego Photography Mini Sessions: The Ultimate Guide


San Diego Photography Mini Sessions are perfect for those who want to experience photography but don’t have the time or money to invest in an entire session. This guide will help you understand what San Diego photography mini sessions are and how they work.

1. What are photography mini sessions?

Mini Sessions offer clients the chance to do some quick shots with an experienced photographer on their terms. Unlike traditional photoshoots, these sessions typically last about 30 minutes and cost less than $100 dollars per person.

2. Who should consider a mini session?

Individuals of all ages can participate in San Diego photography mini sessions as long as they meet the requirements (at least 18 years old).

3. How do photography mini sessions work?

Mini Sessions happen in a casual and relaxed environment with the client. The photographer acts as an assistant and helps you feel comfortable, lets you use their props, provides direction for poses, and more. They will also take some candid shots to capture moments that might be missed during traditional photoshoots.

Photography mini sessions are a great way to capture special moments with family and friends. With the casual atmosphere, you can relax and enjoy your time together.