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Rohto Eye Drops: What Is It?


Rohto eye drops are a common over-the-counter medication for relieving dry eyes. Rohto is a brand of rolacaine hydrochloride, a topical anesthetic that can relieve the discomfort associated with dry eyes.
There are three main points we want you to know about Rohto Eye Drops:

1) They work well on contact lenses
2) They relieve redness around the eye
3) The ingredients have been proven safe for use by humans

There are three main ingredients in rohto eye drops that help relieve some of the uncomfortable symptoms people experience due to dry eyes.

Rolacaine hydrochloride is an ingredient that acts as a numbing agent. It blocks nerve endings from communicating the feeling of discomfort, which can last around 15 minutes after application.
Naphazoline HCl and glycerin work together by relieving redness in the eyes due to the rolacaine’s numbing effects.