Roasted Garlic Seasoning Recipe: The Best Thing You’ll Ever Make


The Roasted Garlic Seasoning recipe is a delicious and flavorful way to kick up the flavor of your meals. Roasting garlic mellows out its intense flavor and brings out a sweeter, caramelized taste that pairs well with any dish! Roasted garlic is an easy ingredient to prepare in advance and store for later. Add it to soups, pasta, sauces, marinades, vegetables – you name it! It’s the best thing you’ll ever make.

How do I make a roasted garlic seasoning?

Roast whole garlic over an open flame or in the oven until it’s very soft and has browned.

Snip off the top of each roasted head to expose its insides, then use a spoon or knife to scoop out most of the flesh (you might need some patience). Roasted garlic seasoning is now ready for your recipe!

Garlic is a perfect ingredient for any food and is also very healthy. Roasted garlic is delicious, so you can add it to any food you like. Enjoy!