Pubs, Circular Quay: Informative Destination


Pubs are a great place to go for a drink or two. One of the best pubs in Sydney is located right on Circular Quay, called Lord Nelson.

What should I know about this pub?

It has been serving beer, wine, and spirits for over 160 years! The pub is located right on the water, making it an ideal place to spend a few hours after work or during your holiday in Sydney.
The pub has its brewery where they brew their beer, which can be served at any of the pub’s locations, including this one! It also serves excellent food and spirits that are reasonably priced. The atmosphere here makes you feel like you’re back in history, having a drink with friends while listening to live music. If you want to try something new when visiting pubs Circular Quay, then head over to Lord Nelson for delicious drinks and friendly people serving them!

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