Power BI Administration – An Introduction


Power BI Administration is a role that has been introduced in Power BI Service. It manages the Power BI service and ensures it operates smoothly. This article will introduce you to what Power BI Administrators do, how they do it, and why they are essential for your business if you use Power BI.

Why is this important?

Administrators are not Power BI users. They need to have a copy of the Power BI Desktop application installed on their computer, and they will also require administrator rights to your Power BI tenant or workspace collection for them to do what’s needed.

Administrators don’t create reports, dashboards, or datasets – those tasks fall into Power BI users’ hands. However, it is still possible that non-administrative members may own some Power B I content within an organization, so you should always check who owns any data model as well as its visualizations before taking action, such as deleting anything from these pages, which could cause loss of valuable business information!
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