Pink Himalayan Salt: 3 Surprising Benefits


In this blog post, we will cover the benefits of pink Himalayan salt. This salt is a type of pink rock salt that has been mined from deep within the Himalayas. Its pink color comes from a high concentration of minerals, including iron and potassium nitrate. There are many reasons why you should use pink Himalayan salt in your cooking! Read on to find out more about these three surprising benefits.

It tastes better than other types of salts.

The taste this salt has to offer is incomparable to any other type of salt. It has a pink color, and it also delivers more flavor than regular table salt. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to make your food taste better without extra calories or sodium, pink Himalayan sea salt is the way forward!

It provides nutrients that other salts do not provide

This pink salt is particularly rich in minerals. It
contains 84 different types of trace elements, which are essential for a healthy body and mind. In comparison to other pink salts from around the world, pink Himalayan salt has been found to have an unusually high concentration of these nutrients. For example, it contains up to 84% sodium chloride compared to the 17% in regular pink sea salt. One pound of this salt contains over 25 grams of these essential minerals.
It can be used as an ingredient or seasoning for food.

This versatility makes this salt an excellent option for people who want to add these essential nutrients to their diet. While pink Himalayan sea salt can be used as an ingredient in food, pink Himalayan rock salt offers even more versatility because it has larger crystals perfect for curing meats such as bacon or making homemade beef jerky.

To conclude, pink Himalayan salt is a pink-hued rock salt that has been hand-mined. It contains up to 84% sodium chloride, making it an excellent source of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium.