Oil Condition Monitoring Systems: 3 Points


Oil condition monitoring is a system that checks oil levels and oil conditions. These systems help to ensure that oil does not break down prematurely, which can cause engine failures. An oil breakdown occurs when the oil becomes dirty or contaminated with combustion byproducts and deposits from the engine components over time. This prevents lubrication of your vehicle’s moving parts and can lead to serious damage. There are three main points that we need to know about oil condition monitoring system:

How Does It Work?

Oil condition monitoring system works by setting oil sensors throughout the engine, oil pan, and oil filter. These sensors use magnetic fields to detect metal particles in oil that are large enough for them to be read as contaminants. An oil light will turn on when this occurs, or a warning message may appear on your dashboard display screen indicating that service is needed immediately.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits to oil condition monitoring. For starters, these systems can help you save money on oil changes. Another major benefit of oil condition monitoring systems is that they can help you maintain your vehicle’s warranty. If the oil in your car has reached a point where changing out oil won’t resolve any issues, then manufacturers give you free oil changes for up to five years or 70,000 miles under normal driving conditions.

What Happens If You Don’t Use One?

These systems, especially oil condition monitoring systems, are a must for any vehicle. If you fail to use one and your oil starts to degrade, it can cause damage that may not be fixable until the next oil change. For example, suppose there is too much sludge or wear particles in your oil, causing blockage between components due to lack of lubrication. In that case, your oil condition monitoring system is the only way to find out before it becomes a problem.

Oil condition monitoring systems are a must to replace oil at regular intervals and keep your car running smoothly.