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NDIS Housing: What Is Important To Know


NDIS Housing can be a complex and confusing topic. There are many things to consider when looking for Housing, such as your budget, the location of the property, and whether you want to live in a shared or independent living situation.

What should I know about this?

If you are looking for this Housing, it is important to remember that your needs may change over time. You should always be prepared to update your NDIA plan if your housing needs change.
One of the main benefits of NDIS Housing is that it can help you live independently. If you have an NDIS plan that includes funding for Housing, you can use this money to pay for rent or a mortgage. This means that you can live in a property that meets your NDIS needs. It is important to remember that this Housing is not a type of accommodation where you will need to pay rent or a mortgage each month; it’s just an NDIS plan budget item for which you can use the money allocated in your NDIS plan for housing purposes.

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