Modern Slavery: What You Should Know


You may have heard about what slavery used to be. It’s a terrible thing, but what does modern slavery look like? What are some of the signs that you should keep an eye out for? You should always feel safe around other people. However, there are many instances where adults or children are forced to do unpleasant things against their will. Read on below to find out what modern slavery is, what signs you need to watch out for, and how to help!

What is modern slavery? Modern slavery is referred to as an act that compels a person to work against their will. They may be forced into what you would consider labor, or there could even be activities like domestic servitude, sexual slavery, and other acts in which the person involved is not free to leave of their own volition.

Why do people become victims?

There are many reasons why people become victims of what we consider modern-day slavery. Some factors include poverty, debt bondage, and being sold into the industry by family members or friends if they cannot repay what was promised as a form of repayment for what they were given (food, shelter, etc.).

What signs do you need to look out for?

Some indicators of what is modern-day slavery are a person does not have the freedom to move about freely. If they do not speak for themselves, their stories may be hard to believe without physical evidence. They also may be unable to hold a full-time job or have documents that are not in their name.

How can you help?

If you suspect that someone has been trafficked or enslaved, there are ways in which you can help them. If you cannot help them yourself, you can call the police or a local organization dedicated to helping victims of modern slavery.

Modern-day slavery has been in the news lately, and although many people may not see it as an issue they should be aware of, this is a severe problem that can be detrimental to people’s lives.