Maintenance Hacks for Making Your Smartphone Last Longer


As we turn into a society whose lives depend on touch-screen phones with big and bright screens, we also turn into one that strives to purchase and maintain them. Smartphones aren’t exactly the cheapest things to own.

Given that there are more affordable brands and models, they still can’t give some features compared to the pricey and trusted ones. Yes, there are many tech shops around you, but taking care of your phone will cost you less.

To make sure that your hard-earned cash doesn’t go to waste through buying a smartphone that won’t last you less than the average of at least two and a half years, here are some tips you can apply when maintaining your device:

  • Use a phone case

Your smartphone may be advertised without one, but it’s still a requirement if you want it to last you a long time. Accidental falls and drink spills can kill your device faster than anything ever would.

Without a case that is sturdy enough to protect it, you’d be facing dents that aren’t covered by manufacturer or store warranty. You should know by now that stores and manufacturers alike won’t replace your phone in case you damage it by being careless.

  • Use screen protectors

They might seem like they’re taking away the beauty of your phone’s OLED panel, but your screen is actually much better off with a protector. In case you accidentally sit on your phone, or when it falls from your grip, the chances of your screen’s glass breaking are high.

Warranties don’t cover glass damages unless you open them at the store and spot the damage. Another thing is when you put your phone in a bag along with keys and coins, you’re up for more than a few scratches.

  • Be careful of where you store your phone

Smartphones, with the bulk of technology that comes with so little size, are prone to temperature damage. Manufacturers highly advise you to store them in rooms with ideal temperatures, let them cool down when they get hot and avoid putting them in the same place as your keys, coins, and other items that can cause scratches.

Screen repairs aren’t the cheapest, and it’s not an easy task to find a reputable phone repair shop that can provide you with legitimate replacement parts.

  • Keep it clean

The amount of time you have your phone in your hands, and when you put it down anywhere, you can make it an ideal spot for bacteria to grow and multiply. Not only will this be a cause of diseases, but bacteria can also degrade the quality of your smartphone.

When the dust settles in some holes in your phones, such as speakers, mics, charging ports, and headset jacks, they may cause them to stop working properly.

Regularly sanitizing and dusting your handheld device can help you extend its service time.

  • Follow manufacturer instructions on battery use

Different phone manufacturers have different instructions on the proper use of their produced smartphone batteries. Some may advise you to let your phone’s battery occasionally drain, not charge it to 100 percent all the time, reset your phone, etc.

There is plenty of advice online on extending today’s’ smartphones’ batteries that some of them sound ridiculous. To make the most out of your phone’s battery, make sure to follow manufacturer instructions.

Owning a smartphone makes life so much easier with the number of things we can do with one device. But that device doesn’t come without a price. To ensure that we make the most out of our cash, we should learn how to maintain the device.

Kallen Kazz
the authorKallen Kazz