Live and Work in Italy with the New Visa for Remote Workers


Italy has become the latest European country to launch a remote working visa program that allows digital nomads to work from the country’s most beautiful locations. This opens up opportunities for workers to escape their regular routines and work remotely in Italy with the newly introduced visa.

The program allows non-European Union workers to stay in Italy for up to one year while they work remotely for their foreign employer or their freelance business. Italy’s remote working visa offers a new kind of experience with its perfect blend of work and leisure.

To be eligible for the visa, applicants must have a steady remote work income of at least €31, 000 per year and prove that they can access their work remotely. Another condition is that applicants must have their own health insurance and accommodation during their stay.

Italy is more than just home to delicious pasta, pizza, and gelato; it is also a country filled with rich culture, history, art, and breathtaking landscapes. Remote-working visa holders can explore the country’s many regions and immerse themselves in the Italian lifestyle while working from their laptops.

This new visa provides a great opportunity for remote workers looking to experience life in Italy. It is an opportunity to meet new people, learn Italian, try different local foods, and explore the many beautiful cities in Italy.

The remote working visa Italy program is an excellent opportunity for adventurous workers who want to experience the beauty of Italy while earning a living.