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Lincoln Hospital Implements New Patient Alert System


Lincoln Hospital has recently implemented a new patient alert system to increase patient safety and improve communication between patients and nurses. This new system replaces the previous process of patients using a nurse call button, which could sometimes go unnoticed by nursing staff. The new system, called the nurse alarm, is a wireless solution that is activated when a patient is in need of assistance.

The nurse alarm is an easy-to-use device that includes a call button and a monitoring station. When the call button is pressed, the monitoring station alerts the nursing staff on a central computer, and a designated nurse is dispatched to the patient’s room. This new system has already demonstrated its effectiveness at Lincoln Hospital. The hospital has seen a significant reduction in response times to patient requests since implementing the nurse alarm.

This innovative solution is expected to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce the workload on nursing staff. The nurse alarm helps patients to feel more secure, knowing that they can easily alert a nurse if they need assistance. The system also increases the efficiency of the nursing staff by providing them with a more streamlined way to respond to patient requests.

Lincoln Hospital’s implementation of the nurse alarm is a step towards enhancing patient safety and providing better healthcare. The new system has already proven to be an invaluable tool in improving communication and ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.