Land Tenure Systems: What’s Yours?


Land Tensure System is the way that land was traditionally used for centuries. Land Tenure Systems can be either communal, group or individual.

What should I know about this?

Communal LandTenureSystem has the whole village with the same rights to use and benefit from the land. Group LandTenureSystem is where parts of a community own certain pieces of land in common. At the same time, each household also has its parcel for growing crops, etc. Individual LandTenureSystem is when people have different amounts of rights over other plots of land according to how much money they put into buying them or what family they belong to.

Land Tenure System is relatively complicated, and they affect a lot of things in Land Ownership. For example, suppose you have an Individual LandTenureSystem. In that case, that will change how you organize your crops to be more efficient or what types of products you choose to use for farming, etc.
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