Child Care

How To Raise Childcare InvestmentHow To Raise Childcare Investment


Childcare Investment refers to the investment in children’s development and growth, including social environment (e.g., poverty), financial situation, nutrition, health care services; it can be divided into early childcare investment before the birth of a child and after-birth childcare investment.

The following are some suggestions for raising childcare investments:

1) Early childcare investment: Parental education that provides knowledge about children’s development and safety measures is one of the most important ways for ensuring children’s healthy upbringing.

2) After-birth childcare investment: The minimum requirement for after-birth childcare investment is the responsibility of the government and society. Government should allocate funds and provide subsidies to families who cannot afford childcare costs and advocate that individuals do not discriminate against women based on sex so as to ensure employment rights for women.

3) Tax reduction: Because tax rates in low-income countries are higher than those of middle- or high-income countries, if the former reduce their taxes, more people will have enough disposable income to spend on children’s education and healthcare affairs. If this happens, it will inevitably increase the amount of after-birth childcare investments.

4) Adoption: For children living in poverty, adoption offers a way out because adoptive parents can