How To Manage Back Pain: Bayswater Physio


Back Pain Phsyio Bayswater: Back pain is a reality for lots of people. It can be caused by accidents, poor posture, and prolonged sitting at work or in the car. Back Pain Physio Bayswater has some tips on how to manage back pain so you can get back to living your best life!

-The first step is knowing what type of problem you are dealing with.
-If you have experienced trauma like an accident or fall, then your injury will likely need more treatment than someone who manages chronic low back pain through exercise and stretching alone.
-Chronic lower frequency back pain is more common than you might think. Back Pain Physio Bayswater recommends that if your back pain lasts for longer than three months or comes with shooting pains down one leg, it’s time to see a doctor!

The most important thing to remember when dealing with any back problem is not to panic and take small steps towards recovery. Back Pain Physio Bayswater says that rushing into treatment for your back pain could make it worse!