How To Invent An App: 3 Easy Steps


Have you ever thought to yourself, How do I invent an app? It can be a daunting task to come up with ideas for apps that are completely unique. How do you create something that has never been seen before when the world is becoming more and more saturated with technology every day? The answer is surprisingly simple: follow these three steps!

1) Get creative – Brainstorm as many different types of resources or objects as possible, listing them on a piece of paper. Think about what people use their phones for on a daily basis, and consider those needs. For example, maybe your list includes “check email,” “find nearby restaurants,” “watch YouTube videos.” These are all things that people might need help doing at some point, and it’s the perfect place to start. How can you create an app that helps them do these things?

2) Get to work – How are you going to make the app? Write up a list of all your ideas, and start working on whichever one seems most feasible. It might be helpful at this point to get in contact with an expert or someone who already does what you want to do — they can offer insight into how long things will take, whether it’s possible, and what limitations there might be.

3) Get it out there – How are you going to distribute your app? There’s a lot of different ways that apps can be distributed. You could put in the time and effort required to submit an iOS or Android app through each platform, but if nobody ever downloads your creation, what does it matter? It might be easier (and more effective) to publish through a platform like the Windows Store or Google Play, allowing your app to be downloaded by anyone with compatible hardware.

In conclusion, How to Invent an App is a fairly simple process, but it takes time and dedication. It’s also important that you understand the limitations of your creation – How will people use it? What can they do with it? How does this make their lives easier or more efficient? If you don’t know these things ahead of time, there might be a lot of time and effort wasted.