How To Choose Golf Cart Batteries?


When a golf cart is new, the batteries are usually good for a couple of years without much maintenance. But as they age, it’s necessary to check them regularly and make sure the water levels are full. That way, you’ll know when one or more batteries is going bad and needs replacement before it damages other equipment in the battery bank. When you are looking to buy Golf Cart Batteries, check the warranty. Warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it gives a broad idea about the battery life.

Golf batteries are usually rated in Amp-Hr capacity, which is a measure of current over time (in hours). The higher the rating, the more energy it can store. The number of Amp-Hr capacity is determined by how much current (amps) you draw from a fully charged battery for a 20 hour period. So, if you have a 36 volt 100 Amp-Hr deep cycle battery and pull ten amps from it for 20 hours, that would be 400 amp-hours. It’s also important to consider the number of batteries when choosing golf cart batteries.