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Gun Control Colorado Laws


Gun Control Colorado Laws are in place to ensure the safety of the people inside Colorado. Those who violate the gun control Colorado laws are subject to severe penalties. It is important to be aware of these gun control laws and ensure that they are followed accordingly.

Background Checks

A criminal background check is run on all firearm purchasers in order to ensure that they do not have any past convictions for violent crimes, domestic abuse, or illegal use of firearms. The two methods for this background check are through either a firearms dealer or by direct contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). If there is no response after 30 days, it is still legal for the individual to purchase firearms; however, another attempted contact must be made with the FBI within three business days after thirty days have elapsed.

Generic and Firearm-Specific Colorado Laws Colorado firearms laws regulate the possession and use of guns and ammunition. The two basic categories under which firearm laws fall are: 1) Generic, which entails statutes that apply to all weapons; 2) firearm-specific, which pertains to particular types of weapons only. In addition, there are some areas where firearm laws interact with other related areas such as hunting or transportation.