Good Fitness Apps: 3 Characteristics


The good news is that there are good fitness apps out there. The bad news is that they can be challenging to find! This article will help you narrow down your search and find the good ones. There are many good features in a good fitness app, but we will focus on three characteristics:

Free or low cost

This is an essential aspect of good fitness apps. Many good ones are free or low-cost, allowing you to download them without spending a lot of money upfront. This will enable you to test out the app before making any significant purchases.

Don’t forget about good-quality videos!

For many people who don’t enjoy reading articles online, good video content is essential for a practical learning experience. Videos allow you to see how something should be done in real life and can make it easier to follow along with your workout routine at home when no one else is around to help correct your form.

Highly-rated by users

This might seem like common sense, but valuable fitness apps must get high reviews from other customers on the app store. If good fitness apps are not getting good reviews, they do likely not have great content or are difficult to use/follow through with the workout program.

It’s easy for an app to look beautiful on a computer screen, but if its user interface isn’t intuitive and straightforward enough for anyone to understand how to follow along with their daily workouts, then it’s probably not worth your money. Before you purchase any excellent fitness apps, make sure they actually make sense when you try them out!