Georgia Business Formation Made Really Easy: A Comprehensive Guide


Georgia business formation: Georgia is a great place for business owners to start their businesses. This state has very favorable and easy business formation laws. The Georgia secretary of state has helpful business formation resources available online. For those who want to form a Georgian LLC, you only need $300 in the capital! You can also incorporate your corporation with just $50 if the company’s stockholders are all-natural persons (individuals). But what about something like an s-corporation? That will cost you $150 right off the bat.

1) Georgia Business Registration: One of the most important aspects of any company is its legal status and state-level registration or filing requirements.
2) Corporate Filing Requirements: This includes things like Articles of Incorporation Georgia Certificate of Formation. The filing fee for Georgian LLC formation is $, and corporations are required a minimum capitalization.

In Georgia, there are a few different ways to incorporate – as an LLC or Corp.