Frisbee Golf Is A Fun Sport


Frisbee golf is a fun and challenging sport. Frisbees are thrown at metal baskets, and you must get the Frisbee in the basket with as few throws as possible. It is played on courses that have 18 holes, which can range from easy to difficult depending on how close together each hole is. It has been around for over 50 years, but it’s still not very well known or popular in North America.

What does this sport entail?

It is quickly gaining popularity in Europe and Asia, however. It has many of the same techniques as regular disc golf. Still, it also comes with added rules that make Frisbees fly differently than Frisbees used for throwing around casually, like a dog chasing after one or children playing catch on summer days.
It is played on a course that can range from easy to complex, depending on how close each hole is. Frisbees are thrown at the target to get most relative to the flag, just like regular golf. Players receive more points if they hit their Frisbee into “the cage,” where holes are located or onto metal hoops called chains for added difficulty.
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