Five Ways to Get Free PSN Codes


PlayStation Network or PSN codes are gift cards issued by the Sony PlayStation. They can be redeemed for play purchases on the PlayStation Store. Sometimes, you may be skeptical about using your credit cards, but they can be a completely safe option. You can purchase PSN codes online and offline. But, if you want to get them for free, there are ways you can use. From generador de codigos psn to free trials, and giveaways, you can be sure to obtain those codes without spending money.

Take Advantage of 14-Day Free Trial

This is probably the most dependable method. To get started, go to the official PlayStation page and sign up for the PSN Plus subscription trial. This will give you access to Plus service and all its benefits for fourteen days. However, you will need to provide the details of your credit card for this subscription. Just remember to terminate the service after the period so your card won’t be charged with an amount.

Use PSN code Generators

A free PSN code generator can get you your PlayStation plus code without spending a penny. Also, you can use the generator many times without any hassle. But, be wary of generator providers that exist to take advantage of innocent gamers. Make sure to do your homework before you use this service to ensure you end up with a real psn code generator.

Check Out Websites That Offer Free PSN Code Giveaways

 There are channels and websites out there that distribute gifts after regular intervals. Ensure to take part In all these gifts by subscribing to their channels or following their page and liking, and commenting on their posts. You can increase your chances of winning the code by following the giveaways provided by the game channels on YouTube. Also, these websites have many offers on special occasions and holidays.

Exchange Codes on Online Platforms

In some instances, people can get gift cards, usernames, and game codes they cannot or will not use. They tend to pose these codes and unwanted gift cards on a community or online platform for an exchange. This gives you the chance to ask someone for free PSN codes and in exchange give something you do not want.

Perform Simple Tasks

Did you know that some websites let you get a PSN code by doing simple tasks such as completing a survey, playing games, taking part in daily polls, and watching videos? By doing these tasks, you will get PSN code points you can redeem for PSN codes. Also, you can invite your friends and family through referral links to earn points.

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