Features Of Local Freight Companies


You might not think that local freight companies are something you need to know about.

What should I know about this?

You may be more familiar with big names like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. But freight companies offer a different service than the major players do. Here are some of their features:
– They can pick up items from your location or deliver them directly to your customer’s address
– They have lower rates than other carriers for local deliveries
– Their drivers are insured and trained to handle local deliveries
– They offer same-day local delivery and scheduled, regular local deliveries. You can schedule your shipments for a set time or frequency of pickup or delivery
– Their rates are based on the size of the package being shipped, so you pay according to what you need them to do rather than how far they have to go with it. There is no mileage charge like there would be with larger carriers. This makes it much easier for individuals in smaller towns and those who live outside major cities who still want fast service at an affordable cost without paying outrageous prices.
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