EV Charging Stations

Electric Vehicles: Charge As You Drive


Are you tired of sitting in traffic? Do you want to save money on gas? If so, EV car charging stations might be the answer for you. EV stations are being built in more and more places all over the world. These EV chargers will allow your electric vehicle to charge as it sits parked at a designated EV station, meaning that there is no need to plug into an outlet or have access to a PowerPoint when looking for somewhere to park.

Why is this important?

Car charging stations are a great convenience because EV’s have shorter ranges than gas vehicles.
Now that the world is becoming more and more eco-friendly, stations can be seen all over the place, from parks to malls to parking garages. Some of these chargers even offer free energy for short-term parkers! These stations use electricity from solar panels or wind turbines, making them utterly renewable energy sources. There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to finding new locations with chargers available: airports, hotels, and restaurants are just some places where owners could install one of these EV outlets at their establishment, turning it into an ‘EV ready location.
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