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Drilling For Gold In Kalgoorlie: The Latest Exploration Techniques


If you’re looking for a new exploration project to sink your teeth into, Kalgoorlie is a great place to start. This historic mining town in Western Australia is home to some of the best gold deposits in the country, and companies are still drilling for gold there today.

How does exploration drilling Kalgoorlie work?
The first step in any exploration project is to identify promising areas for exploration. This can be done with satellite imagery or by studying old drill logs and mining records. Once a site has been identified, the next step is to conduct a ground survey. This involves taking soil samples and mapping out the surface features of the area.

Once an area has been surveyed, it’s time to start drilling! Drilling rigs are used to extract core samples from the ground. These cores are then sent off to a lab for analysis, which can tell you a lot about the mineral content of the area and whether or not it’s worth exploring further.
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