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Diving In Cebu: A Guide To Underwater Adventures


Cebu is the perfect place for Cebu diving enthusiasts. Cebuanos are fortunate to be surrounded by many fantastic dive sites, and diving has been a popular sport since the 1970s. In this article, we will explore all of Cebu’s spots and some tips from local divers on how you can make your Cebuan dives more memorable.

What are the main spots in Cebu?

Cebu is home to four kinds of diving sites known as cenotes. These are freshwater sinkholes that connect with the sea, and they serve as passages for divers in Cebu’s waters. The cenote at Kawasan falls in a limestone formation, so it can be tricky to navigate. Still, it’s well worth it since you get a fantastic view at the end!
The second cenote is Dalaguete, which bridges three distinct bodies of water: Adgawan River, Ginatilan River, and Dumanquilas Bay. It’s also known as “Dugong Dako.” The name was inspired by how much the locals desire this location to become more than simply a hole where people swim.

Other places are:
– Moalboal
– Malapascua Island
– Bantayan Island
– Pescador Island
Let’s set aside some time in our vacations to visit this incredible place.