Chef Josh Niland – Chef At His Best


Chef Josh Niland has spent years working in various restaurants and hotels throughout Australia and has experienced some of the best food, hospitality, and service you could imagine. It was not until he purchased his restaurant in Paddington that he felt that there was an opportunity to open one of the world’s unique cafes. Chef Josh is the owner/chef of Saint Peter, a seafood restaurant that opened in Paddington in October last year to widespread acclaim. The restaurant serves locally caught seafood, with a variety of dishes prepared fresh in a family-style. Chef Josh started his business as a waiter and eventually managed the business side while making it into his passion and desire to become a chef.

When he opened his restaurant, Chef Josh immediately noticed a trend in the customers that would later help him create a more innovative menu to cater to their demands. Chef Josh has a particular flair for food preparation, and his restaurant provides a friendly and relaxed environment for those who dine here.