Canberra Belly Dancing: What You Need To Know


Canberra belly dancing can be an exciting and fun hobby but can also be dangerous. Here are three things you need to know before you start Canberra belly dancing:

-There is a wide variety of Canberra dances that can suit any age or ability level
-Belly dance costumes range in price from $30-$200, depending on the quality
-It’s important to practice with someone who has more experience than yourself

Belly dancing can be a very enjoyable experience for both the dancer and the viewer. However, it can also be a very serious form of dance that can take years to master. If you’re considering learning Canberra belly dancing, here are three things you need to know before starting:

-The history of belly dancing is thought to date back over 2000 years ago when Arabic women would perform a dance called Raks Sharki to entertain their husbands.
-In recent centuries, belly dancers have been performing more complex moves such as shimmies and isolations, which require strength and flexibility from the abdominal muscles. This type of belly dancing is often referred to as “oriental” or “arabesque” belly dancing.
-There are now dozens of Canberra dance schools and studios where you can learn various types of Canberra belly dancing, from “oriental” to fusion, tribal, or cabaret styles. Some classes will focus on the basic moves. In contrast, others may include an introduction to costuming and performance techniques as well.